Saturday, May 19, 2012

Let's go to the North

These are 360 images, hit the pictures then click and drag the image in any directions after loading. 360VRs produced by Firefly Digital Designs Services.
Kapurpurawan literally means white from the local dialect; the majestic rock formation was carved out of sandstones, possibly from thousands of years of water and wind weathering. What is striking is it’s whiteness amidst the surrounding landscapes and it’s changing of colors much like the Ayers Rock in Australia as the sun sets.

The rock formation is reachable in about an hour’s drive from Laoag City; just pass the Cape Bojeador lighthouse in Burgos, there’s a small sign onto the left of the road. A short trek across sharp jagged tide-exposed landscape culminates to this awe-inspiring sight.

The sand dunes are another attraction altogether. Here, one can hire 4×4 buggies and speed along the great expanse of the dunes; the excitement added by going up and down 45-degree ridges further adds to the already high adrenalin experience. By sun down, a certain eeriness permeates the air as the landscape transformed itself akin to a cold, lifeless, barren dessert.

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