Saturday, May 19, 2012

Proud to be Pinay(1st place in Stone Ranch San Diego California)

By: Julianne F.Mackey
Stone Ranch
Poway Union School District
San Diego California

"Can I please go? please?" I begged to my mom. It was so tempting,
after watching my cousins come back, beaming and repeating every
detail over and over again. We were camping at Caramoan Beach in
the Philippines, and we were sightseeing at all of the different islands
there. We were on Matukad Island, which was home to a mysterious
saltwater lagoon high above the rocks. My mom didn't want me to go
up because of the jagged cliff face you had to climb, but I told her that
I've encountered much worse in previous camping trips.

"Fine," she finally gave in. "But stay close to your cousins." I hugged
her, then bounded up to the cliff surface. I began climbing, finding
footholds and tree roots to step on and grip. I heaved myself up the
last pointed rock and gasped. I was looking at the most breathtaking,
beautiful, and once-in-a-lifetime view, the famous Matukad Island
Lagoon. A lake sized green-turquoise pool of water with perfect. pure
white sand and a few limestone rocks were at the bottom of a tree
filled hill. Birds new around above us. The water seemed to sparkle and
glint just for us. A lone milkfish swam at the bottom, and I wondered
how it could survive; milkfish are freshwater fish. I snapped away with
my camera, not wanting to leave, but I stole one last glance over my
shoulder at the amazing lagoon atop the rocks before I came down.

This experience was important for me because it taught me that
many miracles are in nature, and I will always remember the magical
moment when I first saw the lagoon. I would love to go to 6th grade
camp because it would let me interact with nature and learn new
things. It would be one of the brightest highlights of my year, and I
have been looking forward to it since 3rd grade when my brother came
home from his trip. I love animals, trees, mountains, streams and all
other forms of nature, and I can't wait to go in 6th grade.

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